. First Year : V .

I started off this project with a very enthusiastic mindset. I felt empowered by our ability to work within groups of our choosing and felt from the outset that ours was a group of strong and creative minds. Going into the map task, I felt excited and interested. I hadn’t had any interaction with 3D design and at that point wasn’t aware of what practices their course focused on and feel that this integration allowed me to ask questions and learn about someone else’s inspirations. I felt that we worked smoothy and were efficiently time managed through this task which gave me a confident start.

Equally, the tour of Ancoats to me was very interesting. Before starting university, I had worked in this area in one of the converted warehouses and was always keen to learn more about the area. Also as previously mentioned, Urban Sketching takes me entirely out of my comfort zone as I prefer to work with perfect measurements and straight lines. I am aware that perfection is an unachievable standard and so I am always looking for ways to help me improve on this mindset. I feel Urban Sketching helps this by forcing me to be my most vulnerable with a sketch book.

The tasks that came between this and the exhibition part of the task, I have to say, frustrated me slightly. I was very keen to get my teeth stuck into something, and I felt that this space was filled with small relatively irrelevant ice breakers, such as building feelings out of 3D materials and teaching people in a small group things that they may not know; especially seeing as after this we would not work in direct contact with 3D students again. This frustration was added to an existing one centred on the expectation of further opportunity to collaborate.

However, there wasn’t much time to linger on this disappointment once the exhibition planning had set in. I feel that group work will never be easy. I myself am a very methodical designer and I like to plan everything. Not to say that this is the best way to work, but it’s my way and therefore I find it frustrating and difficult sometimes to understand a more conceptual way of working. For me, seeing a plan of how something will turn our gives me the reassurance that I’m following the right path, and the not knowing that was sometimes present within this task was unsettling for me. Therefore, I feel that the project achieved exactly what it meant to; I worked with different mindsets and had to compromise on how work got completed. This for me makes it even more of a proud moment that I’m so happy with the outcome.

Saying “if I could change one thing” doesn’t really apply here, because if I could change one thing it would be the story itself, therefore everything would change as a result. Toward the end of the project I had an overwhelming sense that the story was not necessarily relevant. I felt that I should have pushed for a more politically fuelled project or something that would be influenced by issues effecting the world; a conversation worth starting. That being said, I am extremely happy with how the piece came out and am not in any way disappointed.

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