. First Year : I .

Unit X is a collaborative project that spans across the whole of the School of Art as the last unit to each academic year. This year, our collaboration was with Three Dimensional Design students.

The initial tasks of the project were ice breakers to get us working together and collaborating on ideas, as well as getting to know the students who we had been assigned to work with. The first of these tasks was to take a section of the map of Manchester City Centre and recreate it in a way that would display skills spanning both practices. Our group, consisting of myself, Bebhinn McDonnell, Emma Morley, Natalie Milne, and 3D’s Rachel Radford and Ioan Phillips, received an area of map including the Bridgewater Hall, HOME, and Manchester Central.

We decided to tackle this by photoshopping the original map to produce a backdrop on which we could build out. This consisted of removing road names, changing the colour, and adding/removing buildings as was necessary as the maps were slightly out of date. On top of this we built the major buildings out of the map in 3D. The more major ones given more detail, while other significant ones given a general shape out of dark, thick paper, and receiving hight with adhesive foam.

Tram lines were implemented with yellow string and pins as overhead cables following the lines on the map, and rail lines were paved with cut outs from train tickets. Another 3D element was the waterways; the river and canals were displayed by sewing blue thread into hessian into their shape.

I found this initial part of the project enjoyable and think that our group worked well together. The biggest impact came when all of the pieces of the map were united on the wall in the main foyer of the Benzie. It was interesting to see how different people had interpreted the brief and how they had executed the task incorporating 3D elements.


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